In Colombia, 500.000 students graduate from year 12 each year, being 18.000 the top talented students. However, 7.000 of those top talented students are not being able to go to university because they do not have the financial resources to do so, even with public and private aids in action.

Students such as Fiorella, Michael and Isabella, come from low income family backgrounds but want to have the opportunity of becoming professionals to have a better future and contribute their knowledge to the country.

Liftmii is a platform that connects unprivileged youth with caring citizens to sponsor university studies.

"This story began by mentoring and sponsoring Fiorella, and there I discovered she is not the only talented student that needs sponsoring" - Maria A Cadena

Michael Castiblanco

Fiorella Martínez

"In this country you need to study more than just year 12 so you can gain the skills that will improve you life"

I was born in Cali, but mom is from Guapi, a humble afro town in the pacific coast. 


"Thanks to Maria's financial support, I have been able to increase my knowledge"

I finished year 12 in 2014 at a public school from a low income suburb in Bogotá. 


Isabella Arboleda

"This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about your product"

"I wanted to study in England, because since I was a boy I liked the idea of studying and being successful"

I am a joyful and kind person, and get excited just thinking of the dreams I want to achieve.


This is how Liftmii works

Liftmii seeks to connect caring citizens who want to create a social impact by sponsoring unprivileged students' university studies and becoming their mentors, coaches and change agents for their future.

We invite you to gather 20 friends, family members or co-workers and agree to each do monthly donations of $50 over a 5 year period. 

We will give you access to the platform so you can decide how much contact you and your group want to have with the student. The platform will also provide reports on what your donations are being used on and what is happening with the sponsored student.

But the best part, is that we want to create a future network, a community between sponsors and these talented students to reduce inequality. By creating this community students will benefit by being connected to future employers and sponsors will be connected to organisations and other caring citizens.

The donations will be managed by an external trust fund which will directly pay the universities. An amount from the donations will go to the student's university fees and university expenses and another amount will go to Liftmiii so we can continue reaching out to more sponsors and students.

Note: You can also create a group of 10 sponsors, donating a higher monthly, semi-annually or annual amounts, or do one-off donations to support our cause. 

Are you ready to give someone the opportunity you have been given?

We believe that by lifting students we will create an inclusive society.

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